Tobias Goecke

Founder & General Manager, The Real Junk Food Project

Tobias Goecke founded the Real Junk Food Project Berlin in 2015 as part of a global network that tackles food waste. After working as a journalist and studying social science, he was working in documentary filmmaking in Berlin and Cape Town focusing on social and sustainability issues. He became increasingly more interested in veganism, this is when he started digging deeper into the topic of food production, sustainability and food waste.
Inspired by the emergence of the Real Junk Food Projects all over the U.K. — combining the practical reduction of food waste with culinary experimentation, preserving and collaborative cooking. He realised that community building was a perfect model to start and run a project branch in Berlin. Since then the Real Junk Food Project Berlin is doing regular open buffet community events on a “pay as you feel” basis, as well as workshops on food waste reduction and creative cooking.
This initiative raises awareness around the problem of food waste in Germany and beyond its borders – spreading the message that food is “lebens-mittel”, the source of our lives.