Luca Calvani is an Italian actor and TV presenter, born in Prato. For some years Luca has been carrying out his own project to support orphaned children. There are 120 children who live in the small orphanage of Timboni, run by volunteers and supported by the “Tesoro nel Campo” project. In 2008, during a pleasure trip in Kenya, in the hinterland of Malindi, Luca Calvani and his partner Francesca discover the orphanage. They are impressed and decide to found a non-profit organization to support projects for children. This is how Tesoro nel Campo was born. In 2009 the association bought a land near the orphanage to build a school and the following year it expanded with projects also in Eritrea. The goal is to create a system of elementary but also professional education, so as to give a preparation to young people who try to enter the labor market, taking them off the road. Luca Calvani and Francesca closely follow the development of the projects.