Jonny Tiernan

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, LOLA Magazine

Jonny Tiernan is the publisher and editor-in-chief of LOLA Magazine, an English-language cultural magazine about the people and stories that make Berlin unique. To date, LOLA has published seven print issues – each has a prominent Berlin figure as the cover star, we’ve seen Nils Frahm, Peaches and Moderat. Alongside these bigger names, LOLA runs stories on lesser-known heroes from the city, for example Herbert Schmidt, the Frisbee Jesus of Görlitzer Park or Robot Bennett, the 70-year-old techno DJ on a mission. Jonny is working towards providing an equal platform for all and it treats all of its protagonists to the same high quality coverage. Join him at BedTalks Berlin to continue on his adventures in media and publishing.