Jonas Wind

Founder, Icedippers

Jonas first got into entrepreneurship when he was organising semi-legal techno raves in Berlin, together with his friends. At the time, he was studying Development Studies and then went on to work for a SaaS company, got to know the Berlin start-up scene, started a non-alcoholic party brand, freelanced a bit here and there, built a make-up brand as an entrepreneur in residence but was still longing for more purpose in his life. And then there was Icedippers – built on a dream to have communities in every large city around the globe that come together during cold winters. The events are totally free, take place in the same spot at the same time every week and involve free hot ginger tea for everyone as well as collecting donations for local homeless charities. Jonas is now working on another main project that involves the import, marketing and sales of high quality cacao products (Moruga Cacao) while scaling up his passion project, Icedippers on the side.