Jason Steere

Chief Brand Officer, The Student Hotel

Jason Steere is chief brand officer of The Student Hotel where his focus is to increase brand awareness through great design, communications, partnerships and activations.

His previous experience launching Niketown flagship stores and running his own retail-branding/design agency, have shaped his mission for The Student Hotel: to create memorable experiences that positively impact guests.

Jason is a global nomad with a passion for vintage design and working with teams of inspiring creatives. Having lived in the US, Europe, Asia, he uses his experience to cultivate a true, 3D approach to establishing meaningful brand/consumer dialogue. When he’s not at one with his travel pillow or collaborating with clients, Jason loves talking about how new media brands can be used to enhance the consumer experience.

He’s armed with relentless positivity and as an ambassador for change in this space he goes by the motto “if it were easy, everybody would be doing it”.

Catch him at BedTalks Berlin speaking about how the advertising industry needs to do more around positive impact! You’ll spot him walking around the freethinking festival with his Peaky Blinders flat cap and red BedTalks socks!