Janett Krätzschmar

Co-founder & CFO, Scientists into Business GmbH

Janett is passionate about bringing together students and researchers of all nationalities, backgrounds and ethnicities with local companies. After obtaining her degree in political science and working at TUD, Janett co-founded Scientists into Business (SCiB) GmbH. The startup’s main purpose is to internationalize and brighten the future of Dresden, Saxony and Germany by closing the gap between companies and international talent.
The international talent project for Dresden, intap, addresses the need to retain international academics and have them join the Dresden workforce. The project has been steadily growing since its kickoff in June 2017, but received increased recognition in November 2018 with the launch of their PR campaign “My talent is your success”. Janett plays key roles in both SCiB and intap — she considers herself a free spirit and promises to make sure that you won’t fall asleep during her BedTalk.