Felix Jonathan Jakobsen

Director of Mobility Services, unu GmbH

Since January 2015, Felix has played a decisive role in shaping processes at unu and in 2019, became the director of the newly founded entity around mobility-as-a-service (MaaS). The unu team plans to expand its activities, enable partners and engage with cities to easily enter the scooter sharing market. Since his business studies in the Netherlands, Felix has been invested in aspects of sustainability in the corporate environment. From founding a student organisation focused on sustainable economic activity and management to focusing his work on an emission-free future for large companies, NGOs and state institutions; Felix has a solution orientated mindset to creating positive change within the field of mobility.
“We’re convinced that scooter sharing is a very sustainable approach to current mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) offerings and that it will be an essential part of urban mobility” says Felix.
The Global Scooter Sharing Market Report is one of the first steps taken by unu to position itself in the area of ​​mobility services and will be complemented by further publications and products.