Catalina Lopez

DJ/ event manager/ journalist, Beate Uwe

Catalina Lopez has been working as a TV journalist specialised in the cultural and arts sector for over a decade. The countless other ventures she dedicates herself to, range from managing musicians to curating parties, from feature film production to event organisation. As a member of the Kybele collective, the infamous “1000 Gestalten“ and as booker for Beate Uwe, a local nightclub, she combines her passion for artistic expression with her strong urge for political and social change.
When performing as a DJ, she goes by the name of Alma Linda, a character in which she translates her world citizenship and unlimited love for music into eclectic sets. Cataline wants to break down borders and built castles of hope and love. Her mantra is that in a world where our insecurities are turned into money, loving yourself becomes a political act.