Andreas Tölke

Spokesperson and board member at Be An Angel e.V.

For almost 30 years Andreas Tölke, 59, has been a journalist, writing about architecture, design and contemporary art for Vogue, Tattler, Corriere de la Sierra and Welt am Sonntag. After the refugee crisis started to affect Germany in September 2015, he decided it was time for a career change, for the better good. Since then, Andreas has hosted around 400 people in his apartment, until German authorities were able to provide shelter.

This marked the start of his NGO, Be an Angel, a charity providing refugees with homes, jobs and educational opportunities. From here, other initiatives grew, such as the Restaurant Kreuzberger Himmel and with a second location soon to open, both businesses are incubators for refugees to find their feet and start their integration in Germany.

Andreas is a speaker at the Aspen Institute, having spoken to Members of the US Congress, hosted the German Minister for Integration with a group of journalists. As the spokesperson of Be an Angel, he is in touch with the Berlin Senator for Integration, the Secretary of Eternal Affairs of County, has spoken at demonstrations such as Seawatch – an initiative acting to save people from drowning in the Meditaranean Sea.

“My Grandmother was killed in Auschwitz – if she would have had the chance to escape, she may still be alive. It is our duty, having been born on the bright side of life, to support those who fear for their lives. And the return of all we give, is the peaceful society we all want.”