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Tessa Moroder (1981), together with her sister Arianna, is founder of Lottozero / textile laboratories, center for art, design and textile culture, equipped with an open lab for textile production, research and experimentation, based in Prato. Graduated in economics, statistics and social sciences, Tessa Moroder, before founding Lottozero, a business consultant in various sectors (automotive, wine, television) and CFO of a cultural communication company, in which she has worked for 4 years. Lottozero was founded in 2014 with the aim of encouraging the development of emerging talent through residences of creative production and collaborations, in this way revitalizing one of the main textile districts of Europe. Thanks to Lottozero and the insider view in the world of textile that it offers, Tessa has returned to her roots of economic studies and begun to take an interest in economics and sustainable fashion.