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Born in Taipei in 1988, Sylvie Barbier is an artist of both French and Taiwanese nationalities. Since the age of three, she has been living in between Taiwan, France, and the United States. She works across multiple media, like photography, video, performance, drawing, painting and blending ancestral techniques with emerging technologies. To her, performing is an additional way of communicating, sharing feelings with the public, as well as with the world. She is also co-founder of Art/ Earth/ Tech. With this association she partakes in interdisciplinary facilitation, by bringing people from different expertises and backgrounds together to generate innovation. For all of this to happen it’s crucial to create an emotional safe place to generate listening. That’s the reason why the Art Earth Tech’s approach focuses on fostering a community of people seeking a wiser world and do this by providing space and a network of physical places that can act as homes for our community members to work, meet and stay.