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Multi-instrumentalist (charango, guitar, bass, vocals), singer-songwriter, and LGBT activist. Born and raised in Los Angeles she found her musical calling in Italy. After graduating Berklee College of Music she worked in Hollywood recording studios with Primus, Rage Against the Machine and Elliott Smith and countless others. As Honeybird she crossed the world, bringing her music around Europe, Latin America, Canada and the US. With honeybird & the birdies, she performed at Primavera Sound (Spain), Eurosonic (Holland), Primo Maggio (Italy) and Cherchez La Femme (France). With the project Honeybird & the Monas songs and tours celebrating women, with a strong component of WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. In 2015 she recorded a solo album Out Comes Woman chronicling her coming out experience, produced by Marc Urselli (John Zorn, Laurie Anderson, Mike Patton), including concerts in the USA. She spent much of 2016 touring Europe with popular Italian rock band Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, playing charango, guitar and vocals in an extensive summer and winter tour. In 2017 she received an invite to present Bi at the Brooklyn Museum for Women’s History Month as well as and a prestigious invite to perform at the US White House under the Obama Administration for the Bisexual Community Briefing. Her mission is to listen to intersectional LGBT community voices and transform the daily struggle into song. Beyond all discrimination, towards liberty and music. Blow away your phobia and keep putting the „B“ in LGBT. Monique plays Aquila Corde charango strings.