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Michele Chiocciolini was born in Florence on February 27th 1982. The love for beauty and the search for a contemporary language led him to the need to develop a multifaceted and cultured spirit. His experience as a fashion designer began in parallel with his studies, satisfying the need for more freedom and total creativity. In 2012 Michele, together with his sister Francesca, founded his brand and opened the Atelier Chiocciolini in Florence, in the Santa Croce district, where the two siblings carry out their meticulous research. Their collections evoke architectural forms — this attitude is also visible in his drawings, which are born of clean geometric lines where, however, the softness and fluidity do not remain extraneous. Flexible mental gestures, emotions turned into objects and dreams in the matter are all results of a complex study about the search for future beauty, which is based on the awareness of the past.