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I’m a creative business builder — I love helping people and building something out of nothing. I strongly believe that we should change the way how we work. We sit too much. Literally behind desks and in meetings, but also too long on ideas. The problem is that with sitting you don’t get forward. The fear to fail, the way how we are raised, the money game with managers / investors stops us or slows us down. We need to get out there and find out the hard way how good or bad our ideas are. Not by sitting (on it) but by doing it. It’s like my son doesn’t want to go to swimming lessons, but once in the water he loves it and doesn’t want to go home. With Lab Rooms I have created a concept that helps companies, people and teams to jump into the deep. Together with two experts in the room who are always included you’ll have a lot of fun, get the job done and walk out of the room with results, a motivated team and hungry for more!