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Active since 2001, TiND (thisisnotdesign) is a VJ and a digital media art collective very implicated in the VJ and „video mapping“ Montreal‘ scene. This group is made up of video artists, VJs, designers and artists in digital creation. TIND is very active on the Montreal video scene and is currently involved in research and artistic creation projects with, among others, the SAT (Society for Arts and Technology), SAT [MixSession] the collective of VJs of the SAT, the festival video mapping MAPP_MTL and Dérapage the festival of non-narrative audiovisual creations at the design department of UQAM. Over the past years, TiND has developed his own approach to live audiovisual creation by experimenting in the space between audio and video, tweaking video signals, effects pedals, 8-bit hardware and 3D errors. The collective was founded as a way to explore rhythmic visuals, exploiting the nuances and imperfections of the video.