(English) CECCO E CIPO


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Simone Ceccanti and Fabio Cipollini shyly face the world of performances with a first song „La canzone di Boe“, written as “Cecco e Cipo”. Between 2011 and 2014 they record and publish two albums, playing everywhere and sharing the stage with Fabrizio Moro, Franco Califano, Nobraino, Zen Circus, Levante, Lo Stato Sociale, Brunori S.a.s. and many others. Their breakthrough comes with Xfactor, where the video of their performance reaches two million views in a few months. Cecco and Cipo are defined by the press as the protagonists of X Factor 8, becoming trending topics on Twitter with the hashtag #vaccaboia, while their song „Cose da maiali“ enters the Top Ten of iTunes among the best-selling albums. Cecco and Cipo continue their climb to success with their latest album „Live al Combo“, which was released on all digital platforms.