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Alberto Frausin, today holds the role of Managing Director in Carlsberg Italia S.p.a., after having acquired a solid and consolidated professional experience in the sector of the Largo Consumo both on national territory and International territory. The professional experiences spent abroad have contributed to a training carried out on the territory, in all the business sectors starting from global marketing to general management. The constant and strong feeling of innovation that has always accompanied the choices made by Alberto Frausin, has then materialized in 2014, when he has acquired also the position of CEO of the Center of Excellence (CoE), the international team that deals with research and development, created to develop the DraftMaster project internationally. A project of great innovation with a strong impact both on the quality of the product as well as on the sustainability of the environment. Alberto Frausin’s path has always been characterized by important human and professional values, such as Value Management, environmental sustainability and respect for the territory, the focus on the integration of new technologies and the human comparison for a healthy business growth, to accept the new challenges required by the market.