Andreas Tölke

Spokesperson and board member at Be An Angel e.V.

For almost 30 years Andreas Tölke, 59, has been a journalist, writing about architecture, design and contemporary art

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Bernd Neff

Founder & Managing Partner, Berlin Travel Fest

Bernd Neff is the creative mind behind the Berlin Travel Festival. His agency I LOVE TRAVEL combines Bernd’s

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Dre Urhahn

Social art engineer, United painting

Inspired by the Favela Painting Project, created together with colleague Jeroen Koolhaas, Dre Urhahn started the United Painting

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Elise Pietarila

CEO & Partner, Gimmeyawallet Productions Ltd

Elise is a fearless and creative film and television producer, specialising in the popularisation of hard-core factual content.

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Felix Jonathan Jakobsen

Director of Mobility Services, unu GmbH

Since January 2015, Felix has played a decisive role in shaping processes at unu and in 2019, became

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Gabriella D’Annunzio

Co-Founder, Give Something Back To Berlin - Open Music Lab

Gabriella D’Annunzio is a social activist, community organiser and co-founder of the Give Something Back to Berlin (GSBTB)

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Gen Sadakane

Creative Director & Co Founder, EyeEm / Berlin Photo Week

Gen Sadakane is Co-Founder and Creative Director of EyeEm & Berlin Photo Week. As creative lead for the

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Gijs Determeijer

Partner & Executive Producer, HALAL

Gijs Determeijer is a photography producer gone rogue, with a thirst for all things creative. He is one

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Guillaume Vaslin-Reimann

CEO, ENNO Studio

Guillaume is a French-German entrepreneur, UX/UI designer and consultant who recently founded the agency ENNO studio, creating user

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Ilker Çatak


Berliner, Ilker Çatak studied film and television directing in Berlin and Hamburg. His graduation film "SADAKAT" received many

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Johanna Mager

Co-Founder Expansion.eco GmbH and The Next Normal V

Johanna is a typical millennial who made it her purpose to do good for the world. She started

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Jonny Tiernan

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, LOLA Magazine

Jonny Tiernan is the publisher and editor-in-chief of LOLA Magazine, an English-language cultural magazine about the people and

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Julia Schmidt

Junior Project Coordinator, Freunde fürs Leben e.V.

During her psychology bachelor Julia joined Friends for Life e.V. – an association that does educational work for

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Kaey Kiel

Editor/trans* Activist/ Designer, Siegessäule magazine

Kaey has been living in the capital for almost 20 years and has been on almost every stage

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Lisa Hogg

Senior Director, Marketing + Giving, TOMS EMEA

Lisa Hogg is a South African born and raised, Amsterdam resident. Foremost, she’s a mom of two, a

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Mario Husten

Chairman, Holzmarkt 25 eG

Mario Husten finished his degree at the University of Economics in East Berlin, at the time of the

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Meike Schützek

Founder of Ocean. Now!

Meike Schützek has gained experience in digital marketing and communications over the past twelve years on an international

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Michael Fritz

Activist, Viva con Agua

Michael Fritz is a professional conceptual activist, creative change manager and is one of the founders of Viva

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Mila Moisio

Co-Founder & CEO, TAUKO design Oy

Mila Moisio is co-founder of the celebrated, award winning sustainable nordic fashion house TAUKO, based in Helsinki and

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Mirthe Berentsen

Writer, Text & Cultural Affairs

Mirthe Berentsen is a writer, journalist and cultural policy advisor; having worked in publishing in India and The

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Mozamel Aman

Head of Marketing, DCI Digital Career Institute GmbH

Mozamel Aman is a social entrepreneur with a passion for tech, entrepreneurship and impact how these topics are

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Oliver Schleith

Co-Founder of Plastaway

Plastaway is a Berlin-based non-profit-organisation, Oliver Schleith founded with his partner Marco Justus Schöler. It is an alliance

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Event Producer and Activist

PANSY is the stage and internet persona of Parker Tilghman. Whilst PANSY holds a BFA from the California

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Pawel Mordel

Founder and Director, After School Hustle

Pawel comes from a background in advertising, production and communications, alongside his career he is co-director of a

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Perttu Ratilainen

Co-Founder, Radbahn & Paper Planes e.V.

Perrtu Ratilainen is co-founder of the celebrated, awarded and city funded Radbahn project: an urban development initiative in

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Philip Ibrahim

Gastgeber, The Student Hotel Berlin

Innovation, guest experience and network: Philip Ibrahim is a passionate host. Since October 2019, he has been busy

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Saskia Rudolph

CEO Spiegelneuronen, Spiegelneuronen

Have you seen that big smile on Saskia’s face? Well, there’s no better laugh than the one of

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Sheela Mallebré

Founder, Generationen Leben

Sheela sees Berlin as the capital of loneliness where demographic change will continue to drive this development. For

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Stuart B. Cameron


Stuart B. Cameron is the CEO of UHLALA Group and has been involved in various professional projects for

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Thomas Hartwig

Founder, LEOGANT

Thomas Hartwig is a certified nutritionist and founder of the LEOGANT company in Berlin, an initiative bringing water

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Thomas Preiss

Co-Founder, Common Goals

Thomas Preiss is a social change strategist and entrepreneur. His avid passion for social innovation and purpose-driven business

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Tim Seifert

Founder and Marketing Director, Freunde von Freunde

Freunde von Freunden started as an idea Tim had with his co-founders Frederik Frede and Torsten Bergler to

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Tobias Fischer

Founder & Owner, goodmoodfood

Since 2010 founder Tobias Fischer and his team of Berlin based goodmoodfood import organic coconut- and raw cacao

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Tobias Goecke

Founder & General Manager, The Real Junk Food Project

Tobias Goecke founded the Real Junk Food Project Berlin in 2015 as part of a global network that

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Verena Spilker

Founder/ Head of Transnational Queer Underground e.V.

Verena Spilker is the founder of Transnational Queer Underground, a web and media designer and anthropologist from Berlin.

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Ynzo van Zanten

Choco Evangelist, Tony's Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely isn’t your average chocolate company, but a chocolate company with a huge mission: to end modern

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