How getting in bed will create World Peace

Why do we believe getting in bed will create World Peace? Let us explain. Inspired by the positive spirit of John Lennon’s peaceful bed-in in Amsterdam in 1969, we had this insane idea that a bed was the answer, so we kicked off our mission towards changing the world with an event called BedTalks.

The concept was simple: a bed is an intimate place where our most beautiful dreams and exciting moments happen, so what if we could use this spirit and ask a game-changing individual (young, old, local, international, doesn’t matter) to get into bed, then ask a second to get in with them?

We then invite as many other inspired souls into that bedroom as possible, cram them all in, and capture all that positive energy. One moment in time.

We then pose a simple question: share with the others how you are changing the world, but most importantly, be equally concerned about how you can help support your bed partner’s mission.

Lastly, at the end of the pillow talk, we invite the speakers to commit to something, anything that will help out the other out: a contact number, advice, or how about they kick off a new project together?

To be honest, we didn’t even know if it would work. Asking a female Muslim Nobel Prize Winner to jump under the sheets with a Dutch male community leader was maybe a step too far?

But then it happened — euphoria, that intimate, open-spirited moment that only a bed can offer. A talk, a connection and a mutual commitment of help was extended.

Suddenly, the 2000 people who attended the first event began talking, sharing ideas on overcoming injustice, missions of solving world depression, the refugee crisis and machines that converted human waste into energy, concepts which use sports as a field of peace to educate millions on HIV, hygiene, community, photographers whose only mission in life was to capture the truth mixed with opposites, one-by-one the personal missions were revealed. Audiences listened and challenged.

Then IT took place, the moment we all hoped for: help was offered, numbers were exchanged, commitments to support each other’s causes were solidified by handshakes. The commitment board hit 179 as dawn broke.

Today, two years after that seminal event (and rather naive moment) occurred, we’ve gone on to host five BedTalks with over 500 speakers, 10,000 guests and 350 commitments. Now a new step of BedTalks is about to launch.

At Florence BedTalks June 2018, we will livestream the event for the first time. Ideas will flow, commitments will be revealed in real time not only to those attending but anyone viewing from around the planet. BedTalks is about to get switched on.