Paz mundial a través de una cama

Is world peace possible? We say yes! Inspired by John Lennon’s 1969 Amsterdam-based bed-in to highlight World Peace, BedTalks is Europe’s largest free-entry, free-thinking event that connects extraordinary people working on positive change in the world. From an African Nobel Peace prize winner to a 90-year-old WWII fighter pilot legend, to a young South Korean culture-changing student, BedTalks offers a platform that allows game-changers to further propel their ideas, their initiatives and their projects by inviting them to engage in conversations with each other, inspire each other, learn from each other, and commit to new collaborations and support and encourages all visitors to actively add to the conversations with their own ideas, expertise and experiences. How did this crazy idea come about? Read on!

Algunos oradores

Fatuma Abdulkadir Adan

Fatuma Abdulkadir Adan

Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

Adan was born to parents who were from two warring tribes in Marsabit, Northern Kenya. After her training as a lawyer, she returned to her hometown in order to promote peace between the conflicting Borana Oromo, Gabra and Rendille peoples. In 2003, she founded Horn of Africa Development Initiative, a non-governmental organization she uses to foster peace and advocate for education in Kenya.

Through the Horn of Africa Development Initiative, Adan launched a programme called “Shoot to score, not to Kill”, that uses soccer to engage Kenyan youths in advocacy for peace.

In January 2011, Adan received the Stuttgart Peace Prize for “combining soccer and emancipation”. In 2013 she was invited to talk about her work with the Horn of Africa Development Initiative at the Geneva Peace Talks on 20 September 2013. The talks were organised by the United Nations and other groups for the International Day of Peace.

Bibian Mentel

Bibian Mentel

Paralympic World Champion

Bibian Mentel is the reigning World Champion Paralympic Snowboarder and Netherland’s Sportswoman of the year. Bibian has battled cancer 4 times and was forced to amputate her leg as a result. Despite losing her limb due to cancer she was back on the slopes within just 7 months. Today this World Champion is fighting for kids with physical disabilities to be able to play extreme sports through her Mentelity Foundation.

Eddie Jonker

Eddie Jonker

WWII Fighter Pilot Legend

Eddie Jonker (1920) is an ‘Engelandvaarder’, a Dutch honoree title for for all men and women, who during WWII escaped from occupied territory to England by crossing the North Sea by a twelve foot boat to join the Allied forces so as to continue to fight against Germany.

A large number of men and women, however, were killed or arrested on their way to England. Some were shot, most were deported to concentration camps.
After the war Jonker remained to be an instructor on the airbase Soesterberg. Eddie Jonker was closely involved with establishing the Museum of Engelandvaarders in 2015 to commemorate all Engelandvaarders.

Almas Jiwani

Almas Jiwani

UN Ambassador Canada

Que es BedTalks?

Lo que puedes esperar del BedTalks evento


#350 to date

#34: Campamentos de refugiados en Lesbos

Se comprometió a viajar a Lesvos, Grecia, junto a Adil Izemrane (cofundador de la fundación Movement on the Ground) para fotografiar la realidad de los campos de refugiados en la isla. Más sobre la acción: Más información

Sebastian Gil Miranda
Sony World Photographer of the Year

#74: Marcha en bicicleta por Asia

Charlie MacGregor apoyó a Jaehoon Cho, un antiguo estudiante de The Student Hotel, a realizar una marcha en bicicleta por Asia para conocer a personas inspiradas y despertar el interés de Stella Foundation, una organización dedicada a luchar contra la depresión en Corea del Sur. Ver vídeo

Charlie MacGregor
Founder The Student Hotel

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